Verizon Wireless Partners With InOne Technology for M2M Customers


InOne Technology, LLC, a Coin Acceptors, Inc. company, is working closely with Verizon Wireless to provide greater connectivity options for businesses requiring a cost-effective, cashless and telemetry solutions for M2M customers.  Arrow units utilizing Verizon connectivity have been deployed over the past several months with great success and the need continues to grow.

"Our collaboration with Verizon Wireless enables InOne to provide cashless capabilities to customer locations that were unable to use this technology due to connectivity issues," explains InOne Technology founder, Gene Ostendorf.  "Like InOne Technology, Verizon Wireless continues to invest in improving their business model by increasing coverage and capacity of its premier nationwide network while adding new services."

InOne Technology has experienced more than 70 million cashless transactions using their Arrow solution in unattended points of sale, while Verizon's network features over 100 million wireless connections nationwide.

InOne Technology, a Coin Acceptors, Inc. company, an industry leader of vending machine technologies including Cashless, Remote Data Collection, LED lights & Energy Saving devices, DEX and Replacement Controller Boards.  Coin Acceptors, Inc. is a privately owned company and a global leader in the design and manufacture of payment and controls systems.

Together, Coinco and InOne Technology provide the vending industry with Arrow, the most comprehensive, flexible telemetry and cashless solution available to the vending industry.


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