Traditional Food Makes a Comeback with Unique Taste and Health Benefits Learn How at a Hands-on-Class

Traditionally fermented foods have become a new “hot” trend in food preparation as people have begun to rediscover the roots of healthy living. Understanding how to properly prepare these foods to achieve the healing benefits can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, Gina Rieg of Simplistic Wholistic has created a workshop for everyone.
Traditionally fermented foods were one of the biggest components of OLD food that traditional societies included in every meal. Fermented vegetables, dairy, fish and beverages (unpasteurized) are alive with vital enzymes and good bacteria. Health & Nutrition Coach, Gina Rieg, is so passionate about these foods that she set out to teach everyone about their merits.

Rieg says, “Although the fermenting method has been lost through the generations, it’s easy to learn, budget friendly and best of all, loaded with big health benefits. You can think of fermented foods as homemade probiotics. They provide the most assimilated form of good bacteria to the body. More than 2000 years ago, Hippocrates said “All disease begins in the gut”. Every person’s digestive and immune systems can greatly benefit from more good bacteria.

Gina Rieg brings this lost food art, along with other traditional food concepts, to the public through hands-on workshops. Attendees of these workshops are inspired and empowered. Intrigued and inspired? Gina Rieg with Simplistic Wholistic will teach you about traditional food, beginning with homemade probiotics and fermented foods. Classes for 2013 are now forming see for dates and locations.

Gina Rieg, Certified Health Coach, is the owner of Simplistic Wholistic LLC, located in Burtonsville, MD (convenient to Montgomery County, Howard County and Prince George’s County). By focusing on traditional food-ways, she coaches her clients towards reaching their goals for healing and optimal health. Concentrations include but are not limited to digestive issues, fat-loss, cravings and fatigue. Gina works with her clients individually both in-person and by phone. Additionally, she offers workshops and in-home cooking classes. For more information, please visit To connect with Gina, please send email to or call 301-602-6560.

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