Responsive Education Solutions Goes Green with K12 Enterprise


Purchase Requisition and Employee Resource Portal Reduce Paper Consumption

Responsive Education Solutions (ResponsiveEd), Texas' largest public charter school system, has streamlined processes and increased efforts to go green through the use of K12 Enterprise, Microsoft's leading financial and human resource management software for K-12 school systems.

Responsive Ed chose to implement K12 Enterprise's Purchase Requisition Portal and Employee Resource Center (ERC) Portal. The web portals enable Responsive Ed to go green through significantly reduced paper use.

"Implementing an employee resource center was something we had wanted to do for some time," says Dan Clower, Comptroller for Responsive Education Solutions. "K12 Enterprise's ERC portal was an affordable option that helps us in our efforts to reduce paper and go green, while providing employees with convenience and quick access to information."

K12 Enterprise's Employee Resource Center is a password protected website where ResponsiveEd employees can access check stubs and view other personal information. The organization no longer distributes paper check stubs in envelopes, saving time, money, and resources.

The Purchase Requisition Portal allows school system employees to submit purchase orders online via a password protected website. Approvals and orders are processed electronically, which is faster and more efficient than using a paper-based process.

Inaddition to the ERC and Requisition portals, ResponsiveEd leverages K12 Enterprise's financial and HR management software for increased functionality and better access to data.

"K12 Enterprise provides functionality specific to our needs, like enhanced payroll distribution capabilities and state reporting," explains Clower. "K12 Enterprise consolidates all of our data and makes it easy to access. We no longer have to pull reports from multiple sources and manage in spreadsheets. Now, we can manage and track information for state reports in a single location."

About K12 Enterprise
K12 Enterprise is Microsoft's leading enterprise-grade financial and human resource management software for K-12 school systems. Built within Microsoft Dynamics, K12 Enterprise was created with the specific financial management, HR, payroll and state reporting functionality required by school systems. K12 Enterprise provides software, implementation, consultation, training, and support. Learn more at

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