M&A Trends: Tech & Government Contracting

Bernstein Global Wealth Management; Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, and The McLean Group invite you to a complimentary panel that will dissect some of the hot new trends along with industry mainstays that could affect the Technology and Government Contracting sectors in the next 12 months. Whether you are a veteran business owner or a startup entrepreneur, this is a must-see panel that no business owner should miss.

Join us for a lively discussion of industry trends and factors influencing deals as we discuss:

  • The State of GC & Tech M&A today
  • Industry private equity and where it is going
  • Key industry value drivers
  • Stock/Equity programs and key employee retention
  • Pros and cons of earnouts
  • Navigating through potentially disruptive legal and accounting issues
  • Tax-mitigation strategies
  • The trap of a "magic sale price"
  • Using pre- and post-sale estate planning techniques, and
  • Moving from a P&L to a portfolio.

Where: Whiteford, Taylor & Preston (7 St Paul St, Baltimore, MD 21202)
When: Tuesday, September 25, 2012; 8:00 am - 10:00 am

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