Jemicy School Head Ben Shifrin Earns Outstanding Administrator Award


From the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council

IMSLEC annually recognizes top innovators in multisensory education

Ben Shifrin, head of Jemicy School in Owings Mills, recently received the "Outstanding School Administrator" Award at the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council's (IMSLEC) Innovator Awards.

IMSLEC is a private nonprofit council whose mission is to accredit training courses that provide instruction in code-based multisensory language teaching techniques for educators, teachers and academic therapists. Each year since 2003, IMSLEC Innovator Awards are given to outstanding professionals in the field of multisensory education. The awards ceremony was held on October 24 during the International Dyslexia Association's Annual Conference in Baltimore.

Shifrin has been head of Jemicy School since 2002. Jemicy educates above-average to gifted college-bound students in grades 1-12 with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences. The school's program is built on the firm foundation of research-based, multisensory methods that develop reading, writing, spelling and organization skills, in addition to promoting higher order thinking and social skills.

A dyslexic himself, Shifrin grew up with many of the same academic challenges that Jemicy students face, and he has an unshakable belief in the potential of children with learning disabilities. Despite these challenges, he went on to graduate summa cum laude from Temple University, where he earned a B.S. degree in Elementary Education and a M.Ed. degree in Administration and Special Education.

A nationally recognized expert on education, Shifrin frequently speaks throughout the United States on the topic of educating students with dyslexia and other related language-based learning differences. In addition, Shifrin is a member of the Executive Board of the International Dyslexia Association. 

During Shifrin's 10 years at Jemicy, his accomplishments include: promoting ongoing professional development for the already experienced faculty and staff that serve the school's 300 students; leading Jemicy's merger with Valley Academy to create Baltimore's first 1st through 12th grade school for students with language-based learning differences; increasing outreach; and facilitating a joint learning initiative to develop and offer home schooling curriculum to students struggling to read. 


Executive Board of The International Dyslexia Association, Treasurer

Prior Board Member, Los Angeles Branch of the National Dyslexia Association

Member, Learning Disabilities Association

Member, National Association of Independent Schools

Board Member, American Visionary Arts Museum, Baltimore, Maryland


Jerry Dean Medallion Award - Outstanding Service to High School Option Programs in Los Angeles

Emma Johnson Award - Educator Most Likely to Succeed, Temple University

Orchid Award for Outstanding Service to Learning Disabled Students in Continuation Schools, LAUSD

About Jemicy School

Jemicy School, founded in 1973, provides a highly individualized, flexible, and challenging education for above-average to gifted college-bound students with dyslexia or other related language-based learning differences. A recognized leader in the field of education, Jemicy educates students between the ages of six and eighteen on two campuses. The Lower and Middle School and the Upper School are each based in Owings Mills, Maryland just a short distance from one another.

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