Discover the Best Crab Cakes Baltimore Has to Offer


July issue also gives readers an inside look at Baltimore's H&S Bakery and the family that started it all

Nothing gets Marylanders moreriled up than a good discussion about their beloved crab cakes. In the July cover story, Our Top 25 Crab Cakes, Baltimore magazine editors sampled dozens of crab cakes in the area and have compiled a list of their favorites.

"We looked at size, price and the ambiance of the restaurant. And we're happy to report that they're all winners," said Suzanne Loudermilk, food and travel editor of Baltimore magazine. "There are plenty of great patties out there for everyone to try. All you need to do is figure out what side dishes you want."

The cover story also reveals unique crab cake accompaniments that local chefs and caterers – including Vino Rosina's Jesse Sandlin, The Fork & Wrench's Cyrus Keefer and Sascha's Catering's Sascha Wolhandler – enjoy, like grilled watermelon and greenbeans as well as an essay about the ongoing search for a decent "Maryland-style" crab cake outside of Baltimore.

The July issue of Baltimore magazine also includes the story about the family of Greek immigrants who created one of Baltimore's most successful family-owned companies, H&S Bakery. In Bread Winners, contributing writer Rafael Alvarez takes a closer look at the Paterakis family as they each open up about how their father began it all and how they continue to flourish and reshape East Baltimore.

Other highlights of the issue include Setting Precedent, a piece about Baltimore lawyer and veteran political activist Larry Gibson and how he helped break down the local political barriers; For the Birds, a look at Eastern Shore farmer Carole Morison who appeared in Food Inc. and her own carefree approach to farming; and Eyes on the Prizes, a feature on a pair of art awards that have been getting a lot of attention in and around Baltimore.

The July issue is available by subscription and can also be purchased at newsstands throughout the Baltimore area beginning June 21, 2012.

Baltimore magazine is the area's most popular guide to the best of the greater Baltimore region. Its "Best of Baltimore," "Top Doctors," and "Best Restaurants" features have become signatures of the magazine, and Baltimore's monthly exploration of politics, food, business, lifestyle, and the arts has earned numerous awards, including several City and Regional Magazine Awards (CRMA) and Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) awards. In 2013, Baltimore magazine celebrates its 106th anniversary and is the country's oldest continuously published city/regional magazine.

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