NEA, Valhalla Partners and Novak Biddle Join $31M Series C For SolidFire

SolidFire, the leader in all-SSD storage systems designed for large scale cloud infrastructure, unveiled the SF9010, which is now the largest and fastest all-SSD storage platform available on the market. In addition, SolidFire revealed $31M in series C financing led by Samsung Ventures.

Storage Technology That Tops the Industry, Costs Less Than Disk
The SF9010 is the third addition to the SolidFire product line and supports SolidFire’s leadership in delivering all-flash scale-out storage systems designed for large scale public and private cloud infrastructures. At full scale (100 nodes) the SF9010 is the largest and fastest all-SSD storage platform on the market today delivering 3.4PB of effective capacity and 7.5 million IOPS.  With the delivery of the SF9010, SolidFire also marks the milestone transition of all-flash storage infrastructure moving below the cost of traditional performance disk solutions. Customers building storage infrastructure from 60TB to 3.4PB can now do so below $3/GB and below $1/IOP.

Along with the SF9010, SolidFire also released SolidFire Element OS Version 5, which adds VMware VAAI and VASA support, full encryption-at-rest without performance impact, and more detailed per-volume and per-tenant performance reporting.

“The SF9010 really highlights SolidFire’s storage architecture in action,” said SolidFire Founder and CEO, Dave Wright. “The system is incredibly flexible and is designed to consume the latest flash technology available.  This enables us, and our customers, to keep pace with the rapid advances in the flash market and take advantage of falling cost and rising density. The SF9010 takes us across the threshold of flash becoming lower than the cost of performance disk.”

“The recent announcement of Colt Technology Services’ deployment of SolidFire behind their top four shared storage service offerings speaks to service provider demand for tiering storage performance and delivering Quality of Service (QoS) in the cloud,” said Philbert Shih, Managing Director at Structure Research. “The ability to guarantee performance to thousands of volumes within a shared storage infrastructure is a tough problem to solve and SolidFire’s technology enables that. Colt challenged more than 20 different vendors to the task and concluded only SolidFire was able to accomplish this task.”

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