Hampden among the Hippest Neighborhoods for Hipsters


Forbes loves its lists, and we love Forbes for loving their lists. The publication just came out with a new one ? America?s Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods.

Hipsters, in the words of Urban Dictionary, are ?a subculture of men and women typically in their 20's and 30's that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.?

Forbes went through its data and compiled 20 neighborhoods across the country that were particularly affable to hipsters.

Not surprisingly, a number of areas within citybizlist?s radius are among the hippest. They?re listed below along with the rankings and comments given by Forbes.

The publication made its determinations by assessing a number of factors, including the number of coffee shops, food trucks, farmers markets, locally owned bars and restaurants, along with walkability and the percentage of residents that work in ?artistic occupations.?

Forbes ranked Silver Lake, Ca. the country?s hippest hipster neighborhood.

The following are neighborhoods close to cities covered by citybizlist.

3. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
The East Coast birthplace of hipsters has shopping, restaurants, nightlife, a thriving music scene, food trucks and great transit options, from the water taxi to streets easily traveled by foot. It also has rising prices: rents in the Brooklyn hood are higher than some downtown hoods in Manhattan.

6. H Street Corridor, Washington DC
"Politico" hipsters flock to this D.C. hood, separated from the rest of the city by the H Street Bridge. Revitalization efforts ramped up in the area, also known as the Atlas District, in the mid 2000s and today the enclave is known for nightlife that includes dance clubs, rock venues, burlesque shows and restaurants like Sticky Rice that offer patrons a game of speed bingo alongside their meals. The H Street Festival also adds to the hipness.

14. Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, PA
Sometimes called NoLibs, this hood is fast falling prey to a hipster influx. With one of the highest walkability scores on our list, it boasts some of Philly's best restaurants, coffee shops and art galleries. Clubs, bars, and bowling offer funky nightlife festivities. And for those literary lovers with gothic streak, the house once inhabited by Edgar Allen Poe is located here.

15. Hampden, Baltimore, MD
Home to the annual ?Hon Fest," where women tease their hair in 1960s-style beehives, Hampden embodies retro cool. Bars, restaurants and independent coffee houses co-mingle with two-story rowhouses harking back to the neighborhood's days of mills and factories. Every year the neighborhood celebrates Christmas with a "Miracle on 34th Street" decoration spectacle in which residents adorn their abodes with thousands of lights.

16. Little Five Points, Atlanta, GA
Gathering places like Java Lords and Aurora Coffee help make this bohemian hood the most caffeinated southern locale on our list. Revitalization of the area kicked off in the 1980s when a gas station was converted into the "484 retail area." The area now hosts an independent radio station, health food stores, independent book stores, record shops, music venues and an annual Halloween festival.

18. Allston-Brighton, Boston, MA
"Blue collar meets college hipsters,"remarks Lawless, of this diverse Boston enclave. Brighton Ave is home to a selection of restaurants, bars and clubs catering to the large student population. New England's biggest food truck festival manifested in this neighborhood as well.

19. Wynwood, Miami, FL
Wynwood is known these days for two things: its arts district and its fashion district. In the mid-2000s artists began taking up residence in the area's abandoned warehouses. Today more than 70 galleries occupy the area and the hood hosts an ArtWalk every second Saturday of each month. The area also boasts one of the largest permanent outdoor mural exhibits in the world, called Wynwood Walls.

20. Lower Westheimer, Houston, Texas
Houston's getting hipper and this neighborhood epitomizes that evolution. In a city famous for urban sprawl, Lower Westheimer has a surprisingly high walkability score so residents can hoof it between the thrift stores, award-winning eateries, and antique stores like the Westheimer Flea Market. The strip also has a notable number coffee shops per capita.

See the entire list here.

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