The Toolbox Is Getting Bigger: The Retail REITs


One of the reasons that my co-author and I decided to title the name of our book, The Intelligent REIT Investor, is to provide investors with the necessary tools to think outside of the REIT box. As you know, Benjamin Graham wrote The Intelligent Investor and in his classic book, he helped explained how to strip away the mystification and superficiality of some financial reporting by formulating methods to arrive at more meaningful numbers.

That is also the premise for our Seeking Alpha service, like any analyst, we don’t just rely on summaries or transcripts to justify our calls, we spend hours and hours researching REITs by consulting with management and utilizing as much data as we can put our hands on.

To that end, we decided that one of our goals in 2018 was to build a bigger toolbox, so that our subscribers could obtain the very best REIT research and the most competitive prices. We have access to a tremendous amount of data as well as access to many key decision makers in the REIT arena.


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