The President of TBR Kahan S. Dhillon, Jr. Invites Mayor Catherine Pugh to a Public Policy Debate to discuss “The Baltimore Crisis”


Kahan Dhillon and Catherine Pugh

Today, on the one-year anniversary of Baltimore City Mayor Catherine Pugh’s time in office, Baltimore City which now has the highest number of homicides per capita nationwide, is in CRISIS. The Baltimore Renaissance President Kahan Dhillon’s invites Mayor Catherine Pugh to a public open, honest, transparent dialogue to not only discuss the issues which are at record rates impacting Baltimore City but more importantly solutions.

- Mayor Pugh myself and my Team have to date met with 543 stakeholders of all walks of life throughout Baltimore City over the last 13 months and many of the insiders I have spoken with are concerned to speak up for the fear of retribution. I am not. As a devout practicing Sikh, I am mandated and required to stand up for those that cannot stand up for themselves and to pursue the eradication of social injustice where encountered. Nowhere in my personal, professional, or political life have I ever seen as much social injustice than in Baltimore.

- You have dodged meeting me to discuss the Historic TBR Revitalization Plan and what it means to the current and future of Baltimore which has been quite a surprise as that decision directly conflicts with your campaign promise to foster an environment of “collaboration” and “working together”. For 13 months while I have met with numerous members of your Administration you have avoided doing so all while people who worked hard to get you elected didn’t receive the passage of the $15 per hour bill they were promised and the much-needed funding from the slots fund to help expedite the revival of Park Heights has instead found slots funds to date used for such purchases such as a $50,000 Chevy Tahoe for one Community while others haven’t received the same.

- Where does this audacity end and the prosperity for all Baltimoreans begin? Certainly not at the soiree of 50 people with substantial Business Interests in Baltimore City to celebrate your anniversary at one of the most expensive Country Clubs in the region. The celebration should be with the people of Baltimore not just from those that benefit most from it.

I invite you to a Debate on February 12th, the Birthday of the President who abolished Slavery and made it possible for your African heritage and mine to be able to walk freely and openly through this great nation. You will be hearing from my office so we may mutual decide on the format, time, and venue. Please Save The Date.

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