W. R. Grace & Co.'s Management Presents at Credit Suisse 30th Annual Basic Materials Conference


Christopher Parkinson

Great. I think we want to get started. I'll make this quick as this, our next presenter is actually one of the most sought-after companies in the building and one of those popular one-on-one requests. I'm very pleased to have with us W.R. Grace & Co. Today, we're very pleased to have Fred Festa, who's the Chairman and CEO; also Tom Blaser, the CFO; and then I'd also personally like to thank Tania Almond, who's, yes, made her way to Baltimore and following a conference schedule to discuss everything here today.

And with that, I'm going to turn it over to Fred.

Alfred Festa

Thanks, Chris. Thank you. Well, hopefully you've had a chance to some of you look at our new deck and want to take a little bit of time and take you through this presentation. And some of you who I'm – as I look out in the audience are very familiar with W.R. Grace and have been our supporters for a long time, and I do thank you for that. And others that are newer, I'll try to keep the pace to make sure that we don't lose you on that side of it.


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