EFFY Healthcare Platform Ensures Enterprise Efficiencies


BETHESDA, Md. & LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--EFFY, an efficiency platform that overlays existing systems to help healthcare organizations compare massive amounts of data across their total enterprise, detect exceptions and problems and guide interventions to improve efficiency that optimizes financial, clinical and operational performance, announces its U.S. product launch. With substantially lower upfront costs than typical Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions, which are transactional rather than actionable, EFFY empowers hospitals, hospital systems and Integrated Delivery Networks to retrieve, review and compare data -- no matter the size, data incompatibility or platform complexity – be alerted to problems, and devise rapid interventions for correcting inefficiencies, denials and revenue leakage that impact the bottom line.

“Using customizable, exception-based triggers to identify deviations from norms, users can reduce errors and denials, improve efficiency and productivity, meet compliance requirements and ensure financial viability,” says Jose Xavier, founder and CEO, EFFY. “Powered with unique actionable analytics, the EFFY platform overlays existing transactional and operational systems, functioning as a permanent, protective 24/7 auditing and reporting ‘umbrella’ that makes data comparable. EFFY renders current systems increasingly smarter and cleaner, enabling hospital leaders to take action while generating significant ROI within months of implementation.”

EFFY is powered by RAID HEALTHCARE, an end-to-end software platform based upon RAID, used worldwide by leading healthcare systems, telecom companies, utilities, and retail industries to:

  • Collect and analyze data
  • Detect problems, define the variance and trigger alarms
  • Drill down to analyze, guide and advise leaders
  • Integrate workflow for corrective action

“With increased hospital mergers and acquisitions, there are significant challenges to aggregating and comparing colossal datasets, identifying problems, and correcting the issues. EFFY is truly one smart solution that delivers technology-enabled healthcare efficiency,” says Jonathan Farr, SVP for Business Development.

About EFFY

EFFY empowers hospitals, hospital systems and Integrated Delivery Networks to retrieve, review and compare massive amounts of operational, clinical and financial data across their total enterprise -- no matter the size, data incompatibility or platform complexity. Functioning as a permanent, protective 24/7 auditing and exception reporting “umbrella,” EFFY makes data comparable, enabling users to correct issues that compromise financial viability, and clinical and operational performance. For more information, visit http://effyhealthcare.com.

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