White Hat Hacker Community, and How Hacken Will Contribute to It


White Hacking" as an Occupation

“Who owns the information owns the world,” said Winston Churchill one day and this phrase became one of the most famous proverbs in the modern society. However, many decades passed by and the current realities reveal the fact that it isn't enough to own information today. The far higher challenge is to keep it safe and not to allow the big bad guys to get it and use in some negative way.

That is the main reason of the white hat hackers arising as the occupation in the modern world. These guys are the wardens of all the information circulating within the society. Their primary duty is to grant the people with certainty in future. As a result, it is obvious individuals who occupy this profession are usually doing an enormous work. They are conducting penetration and vulnerability testing, as well as other activities which help find out the weaknesses of any product and fix them.

Being a White Hat Hacker

So who are these heroes of the new time and how they manage to cope with their job and fulfill their mission?

First of all, it is obligatory to claim that these people are not hackers in their traditional meaning and they aren’t involved in any illegal activity. Their task is to provide the most efficient services aimed to create a perfect defense system of any information. White hat hackers protect the most precious resource of the modern world and don't let the third party people get access to them.

It is also evident that such a noble mission in the nowadays society is apparently related to some threats. First of all, white hat hackers should have an extremely high level of ethical standards because they are working with information safety. So they are people who could probably cause the maximum damage to it if decide to go to the back side of the firewall.

Additionally, occupying this profession has a disadvantage in the process of testing. Usually, there is a limited amount of people involved in the process of vulnerability and penetration testing. Obviously, the results of such activities are notable and help in protecting the information from any leaks. However, the results and quality of white hat hackers’ work grow exponentially together with the number of people involved in the single test.

Crowdtesting as a Cure

Taking into consideration the information above, it becomes evident that the process of protecting the information is complicated and couldn’t be distributed at the highest level by the limited amount of white hat hackers. That’ is why the necessity of crowdtesting has arisen in the modern realities. This principle allows the single professional white hat hackers to participate in vulnerability and penetration testing as a part of the team working remotely. In the described case, the number of people is not limited so that the results would be tangibly better with each new participant.

Crowdtesting is also a sound option for cyber security professionals. They would have a lot of opportunities to get profit from the things which they can do effectively. White hat hackers get their rewards in crowdtesting in the form of bug bounties. From this perspective, the presence of a substantial community of cyber security professionals is necessary. In this case, people could get access to all the services of the community without a risk. It’ is also a more safe way to come up with penetration and vulnerabilitytesting because an amount of people who worked on the project is huge, and they are not connected with each other directly. These initial circumstances show far better results of the information security. A possible easy bargain hunter wouldn’t be able to find all the participants of the test and coordinate their unethical efforts of hacking the system.

Hacken Frames the Community

As a result, there is a vast necessity of the platform for the community of white hat hackers. In turn, Hacken offers the initiative of uniting them around the idea of ethics and information safety for all the projects. They call for unity of all the industry to provide safety and achieve success without any risk for participants. Consequently, potential bug bounty hunters would benefit from joining the Hacken community. They would get access to the variety of projects and high bug bounties.

For clients, the platform also appears to be the best choice to secure their data. They would be able to get access to the largest amount of white hat hackers all around the world. On the intersection of the interests of two parties, Hacken is willing to become a bug bounty platform which would frame the future and promote the ideas of safety and ethics in the industry.

In turn, the Hacken team has already started the initiatives of uniting the cyber security professionals. They are already involved in the number of initiatives to promote the idea of the ethical and responsible attitude of cyber security professionals towards their work. The most notable event, supported by Hacken, is the HackIT conference (https://hackit.ua/en/hackit-cup/). It would be held in Kharkov, Ukraine on 23 of September.

All the participants of the conference stay on the same perspective of becoming the wardens of cyber security in the Eastern Europe and the whole world. The international conference offers all the participants to join the initiatives of white hat hackers directly and to build a prosperous and safe career in this industry. 

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